Total Loving Care Veterinary Services provides health and wellness care for dogs, cats and other animals in our easily accessible clinic, or in the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Christiane Jordan

Dr. Christiane Jordan is a recent graduate of The School of Veterinary Medicine of the
University of the West Indies in Trinidad. She was born and raised here in our beautiful island of Barbados and from a young age she was always passionate about animals and knew she wanted to become a Veterinarian someday. She attended Queen’s College Secondary School and after graduating in 2009, she went off to the University of the West Indies to pursue her studies in Veterinary Medicine. During school, she had the opportunity of doing her externship hours at clinics here in Barbados and in New York City, where she learned to apply the knowledge gained from lectures, improve her surgical skills and learn new procedures and techniques. After spending 5 years away from home working hard to achieve her goal, she earned her degree with Honours and is now one of the three veterinarians working at Total Loving Care Veterinary Services in Brittons Hill, St. Michael.

When not caring for sick animals, she can be found spending time with family, friends and her two dogs Comet and Hedges or using her free time reading, drawing or baking. She also loves spending time relaxing by the beach.

She hopes to further her studies to specialize in Ophthalmology and sometime in the future open her own Veterinary Clinic in Barbados.

Dr. David Walton

Dr. David L. Walton, DVM, is the owner and founder of Total Loving Care Veterinary Services and has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 10 years. Dr. Walton’s love for animals came at a very early age because of his father who had a mini farm filled with goats, sheep, chickens, cats and numerous canaries. His first dog was a Staffordshire Terrier called Leo with whom Dr. Walton shared the same birth date. As fate would have it, Leo died two days before his 10th birthday from cancer which was then the driving force behind Dr. Walton’s decision to become a vet. “I remember spending numerous Sunday afternoons with my father while visiting his friends and looking at their animals and discussing “Animal Talk”. By the time I was a teenager, I knew almost all the secrets remedies of the old guys.”

From age 14 he volunteered every evening after school at a near by vet clinic. At age 19-24 he became a part time vet assistant until he started vet school. He received his DVM from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine in 2001 and subsequently worked as an associate vet at Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic. He later purchased a House Call service from Dr. Benjemin’s Mobile Vet Services.

Upon returning to Barbados, he immediately established Total Loving Care Veterinary Services as a house call and emergency service, operating from home. Dr. Walton later purchased the present property and Total Loving Care Veterinary Services Inc was born, operating with one vet and one secretary/vet assistant.

His hobbies include martial arts, educating kids on vet medicine, cycling and hashing throughout the country. He is also the president of the Barbados Racing Pigeon Association 2014-2016.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (246) 427-3135.